To help women to speak their truth, overcome their trauma, and walk into their God-given purpose by being authentic!


    • Healed
    • Authentic
    • Bold

    To enable women to be healed and free from bondage so they can have peace and joy within. 




A profound, passionate and prolific speaker that touches the hearts and souls of people in a way that sparks them to think higher and do greater.



Get a unique glimpse into the life of CachiaCherise

  • Dr. Tiarra D. Perry/Pharmacist

    Cachia, After meeting you at the Big Brother Big sister program at Howard University, I could have never imagined the impact you would have on my life. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all the guidance and support you have provided me throughout my journey of life. You have always been there to lend an ear, offer valuable advice, words of encouragement, and to share your wisdom. Your dedication to a person’s growth, success, and development have been truly remarkable. Your creative approach to problem-solving has inspired me to think outside the box and embrace new perspectives. Your genuine care for my well-being has created a nurturing environment where I feel truly supported. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being an exceptional mentor. I am glad that your mentorship nearly 20 years ago has grown into a life long friendship. Your influence will forever be a part of who I am and what I achieve.

  • Claire Cregger/Professional Photographer

    Cachia has been an amazing support with everything. She has given her time multiple times to my ministry Broken But Beautifully Made. She has helped so many women and made an impact in my life and other women’s life. Cachia has inspired me to be more transparent and to speak my truth no matter what. She has always been honest and very truthful about everything she does. She had help me as a friend in many ways! Cachia is one amazing, loving, and God fearing woman! Blessed to have her in my circle.

  • Marquita Williams-Jenkins/Financial Consultant

    Cachia played a significant role in my personal growth journey. When we first met, I was working as a banker and slowly started my journey towards entrepreneurship. I remember her inviting me to a women's empowerment event, which was my first time stepping out of my comfort zone to attend such an event. Later, Cachia created a platform called Big Business Spotlight, where she featured small business owners, allowing them to showcase their products or services. She invited me to participate, but I was very shy and anxious about having my video online for everyone to see and judge. I kept delaying it until she called and reassured me. With her support, I gathered the courage to record with her, and it turned out really well. I not only gained followers and received positive feedback, but I also got orders. This experience helped me overcome my fears and do something I didn't think I could do. I tend to procrastinate, but Cachia held me accountable. She would call, asking about my progress and helping me set realistic goals. She's not just a friend; she's my mentor and accountability partner. Knowing her has been truly valuable.

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