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PRE-ORDER - Be Authentic: Speak your Truth! Paperback Book

PRE-ORDER - Be Authentic: Speak your Truth! Paperback Book

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This riveting story is of a woman who endured numerous physical and spiritual challenges. This book reflects her journey and trials and brings you front and center with the people she interacted with throughout her life. As a young child growing up in Chicago, IL, she traveled around the United States trying to escape the circumstances of her environment that she felt kept her bound, not realizing that it was an internal battle that she had to overcome. There were always daggers aimed at her pure heart with the intention of changing the moral fabric of her soul. However, God had other plans for his daughter, including showing his children that even through persecution, sins, and condemnation, you, too, can overcome and gain victory for the Kingdom of God.

This is a pre-order - you will receive a free gift and a personalized message in your book.

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