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Her brand was created out of a need for her to be transparent. Once she became real and honest about the negative circumstances that surrounded her and decided to work on herself then her life started to change. Her brand is built on telling her truth as it relates to her life experiences in hopes that it will inspire others to tell their truth. She talks about tough topics that address uncomfortable issues and provide tools to promote freedom from those very same issues. She helps people by teaching women how to speak their truth, release their fear and heal so they can live as their authentic self.


CachiaCherise is a dynamic speaker that brings to the forefront topics that are not readily talked about in today's society. The passion and words that are formed when she speaks will leave you with thought provoking questions that will challenge you while pushing you to grow.


CachiaCherise has spoken and hosted in many different settings. The topics that compels her to be outspoken, vibrant and energetic in her messages are geared towards diversity and inclusion in such setting as:

  • Speaking, engaging, and connecting with the youth.
  • Speaking about how to effectively communicate your truth, heal, and be authentic.
  • Speaking to college students about navigating college and life after college.
  • Speaking in corporate settings about leadership, team building and communication.
  • Hosting events in formal and informal settings.

The speaking experience that you will receive from CachiaCherise will transform your thinking in a profound way as well as stretch you towards a better you!

Why should you have CachiaCherise speak at your event?

  • Extremely versatile in speaking to all ages and backgrounds.
  • Passionate and animated delivery of awe-inspiring messages.
  • The relatable nature of speaking to people where they are in life.
  • An expert in topics that originates from her education, experience, and wisdom that has come from years of trials, errors and victories.



Upcoming: 2022 - Flourish Conference





2022 - BBBM Mother's Day Brunch





2021 - BBBM Uprooted Conference





2021 - BWAZ Brunch: ToGather Again





2021 - BBBM Mother's Day Panel





2020 - BBBM This is Me Conference





2020 - Youth Transparency During a Pandemic Virtual Conference



CachiaCherise has been on the forefront of consistently speaking on panels, conferences as well as hosting. She has a voice that is highly sought after because of the her ability to create a story and cultivate it into a lifelong lesson.

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CachiaCherise LLC

Email: info@cachiacherise.com

Phone Number: (480) 326-9362

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cachiacherise

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cachiacherise

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/cachiacherise

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/cachiacherise