Speaking with Transparency Coaching Course

This program was created to help you learn how to speak online being authentically who you are. This course is geared towards people:

  • Who are afraid of speaking online/in public
  • Who feel extreme anxiety before speaking
  • Who has difficulty creating content
  • Who needs help with building their online audience
  • Who needs help with online networking with others

My coaching program is designed to help you become comfortable speaking your truth and promoting your businesses online. My coaching program is set up to provide results by assisting my clients to:

  • Push past the fear of online/public speaking
  • Confidently speak with freedom and authenticity
  • Be creative in their content that will increase online visibility
  • Increase their community that will support and share their content
  • Network and collaborate with others to increase their online presence

Course Outline - 6 weeks 

  • Speaking w/ Transparency private FB group invite
  • Weekly public speaking tips and tools via email
  • Weekly FB live - Speak Now (blocks or hindrances)
  • Weekly “Out your Comfort Zone challenges
  • Weekly one-on-one meetings


Schedule a free 15-minute one-on-one so we can discuss how I can help you!