Vegetarian versus Vegan

My vegetarian lifestyle started 13 years ago when I had my son, I can remember it like yesterday, one day I was eating meat and one day I wasn’t. It was like I didn’t have a taste for chicken, beef, or pork and all I had to taste was for fresh fruits, vegetables and fish (Pescatarian). I never knew the process of how my body went from craving meat to being repulsed by the smell of meat. For 13 years I learned how to flavor my vegetables and soy products as well as reduce my portion size. I have been able to try different foods that I had never tried before such as sushi, eggplant lasagna, cauliflower rice and baked sweet potato, and soybean chili just to name a few. I still had fluctuations in my weight due to my love for pasta and cheese so being a vegetarian does not mean you’re healthy because you still have to monitor what you eat and the amount you eat. The facts show that there are benefits to being a vegetarian such as:
  1. Overall better health, if consumed responsibly
  2. Shown to decrease risk of obesity, strokes, and heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other major diseases
  3. Rapid weight loss

There is only one major con to being a vegetarian:

1. Reduction in nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Omega 3 Fatty acids

My vegan experience happened just recently about three months ago. I began to have digestive issues every time I would eat certain foods such as cheese, dairy, sugar and eggs; this forced me to look at everything that I was eating and how it affected my body. That's when I decided to make a drastic change as it relates to my food lifestyle; I decided to go full force with this vegan lifestyle. This encompasses not consuming meat, fish, dairy and eggs; I'm eating  plant-based where everything is made fresh to order. Studies have shown that there are pros and cons to being a Vegan such as:
1. Risk of cancer decreased
2. Improved heart health
3. Weight balance is better
4. Increased anti-oxidants because of the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables
1. Decrease in nutrients such as Vitamin B12, Omega 3 Fatty Acid, and calcium
2. Increase in cost of food
3. Limited food options when eating at restaurants
If you decide to look into either a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle, make sure that you do your research and choose the one that works for you and where you are health-wise. If you have medical issues always consult with your doctor before switching to any new food lifestyle. Guess what yall, I'm a Vegan now!!!
With all this being said "Dig Deeper than you have ever before"
Yours Truly,
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