Stepping Into My Next Level

Many say it's time for the next level, but what does that really mean?

When I think of the next level, it means showing up as the best version of myself. Being confident, bold, and being ready to walk through the doors of opportunity. Now, that takes me being fearless and understanding who I am in this moment in time.



Many changes have to occur to get to this next level, and it takes hard work. For me, it means being consistent in what I say, write about, and put into action daily. It also means being intentional in everything that I do because that will show in my work. Finally, working to make sure that I stay positive all-around in my mental, spiritual and physical being so that my energy is fluid throughout. This isn't easy because it takes dedication, persistence, and a never-give-up attitude.


My time has come to be authentically me and shine in what I possess. This is what I have been waiting for; to do what I love, which is to help people. This was always my principal emphasis, but I didn't know what the focus would be as it related to helping people. But now I understand that the focus is on helping people tell their life truth through books, blogs, speaking, journaling, painting, and many other ways. I am CachiaCherise, Transparency Lifestyle Educator, Blogger, and International Speaker, and it's a pleasure to meet you.


With Much Love



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I am very proud of your accomplishments. I’ve watched you on your journey. Thank you for allowing me to participate.
Continue to be who you are. It really looks great on you, you look so very happy.

Marcell Covington

I love the blog. Thank you for sharing.

Kevin Billings

Thank you for sharing. I truly love this blog.

Kevin Billings

I am still loving this look. I think the next level means for me not being afraid to take risk. I refuse to be in your box attitude.


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