Speaking over your life!

These past couple of weeks have brought many different challenges for me. It included such things as:

  • Stepping out on faith and getting past my anxiousness to release my eBook
  • Talking with my children about their challenges and topics that are serious and will affect their life
  • Emotional hurt that I encountered with a close family member and having to trust GOD and give it completely to him so I won't be affected spiritually
  •  Spiritually speaking protection over a dangerous situation 

What did I learn from these experiences? I learned that you can speak over your life and see outcomes that are miraculous and God-led. Let me give you the scenario of what happened to me recently.....


As my family and I was coming back from being in Phoenix for the day the sun beamed down hot at 117 degrees creating sweating and heat within the car as we traveled home. As I was driving the car on the highway in the HOV lane the car started to experience some technical glitches. The whole dashboard went black, the radio went off, the airbag symbol came on, and when I pushed the brake the windshield wiper came on. Now, this had not happened before in my 4 years of being in Arizona and driving my vehicle in this 100+ degree weather so I decided to fight back by rebuking the enemy. I spoke "no weapon formed against my family shall prosper" as God said. I pleaded the blood of Jesus Christ and being a Child of God and we are protected from the enemy, I prayed God to send his mighty angels to protect us from the front, back, and sides as they safely glided us home. Guess what? We made it home safely and by the Grace and Mercy of God, he protected us in that dangerous situation.

Speaking over your life does not just mean in dangerous situations but when things are going quite well is necessary. God waits to hear us pray to him the promises that he told us whether in the bible or his vision for us here on this Earth. Just remember that you have the power that God has given you within to fight the enemy and win as stated in Ephesians 3:20, Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

The power to speak over yourself and circumstances are real but the question is do you believe and how strong is your faith?


With all that was said today "Dig Deeper than you ever have before"


Love you all!



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Amen Amen Amen trust in God and Jesus Christ keep your faith 🙏 🙌 ❤


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