How does purpose shape your life?

Purpose to me means the main reason for your life. The question of purpose has been a word that has been on my mind since childhood. Working towards understanding my purpose in life has been a daily goal of mine. There are many parts to determining what purpose means to you and how to get there. The word carries so much weight for me that I had to look more into the meaning further.


Purpose is what you get up in the morning for and base your choices on in life. Purpose guides your goals, behavior, and decisions in your life. I have always wanted to help people in a way that would be impactful and, I have done that and currently doing just that. The feeling of purpose forms within and, you know that you must pursue it. 

I am excited about the road ahead and fulfilling the purpose that I have within. I am focused more on defining the steps that are needed to achieve my purpose. Being intentional about the choices and decisions that I make is what will get me there. I encourage you to dig deeper and analyze this word called purpose to determine what it means to you and how to achieve it.


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I never really thought about my purpose until I graduated from college. I read a book by accident called “Purpose Driven Life” and that’s when I started to examine my purpose. I am now in my 40s and I think my purpose has changed as I have gotten older. At this point in my life I am fulfilled by watching others achieve their goals and accomplish their dreams. If the little things that I do can help you become successful that’s what brings joy to my life. It’s the testimony for me, some people just need to know that others have made it and you can too.


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