Planning to win!

Planning is an essential practice you should have to not only organize your life but to evaluate where you stand. Now, there are different areas you can plan in such as your goals, business, to-do list, dreams, and self. It's always good to take a look at what you want to accomplish and write down how you are going to accomplish it and how long it will take you to accomplish it. There have been many answered prayers and amazing goals that have been achieved in my life that only happened by writing them down.



This weekend I took time to plan out the rest of my year as it relates to my business goals that I want to accomplish. I created a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year plan so that I can keep track and be held accountable by myself when it comes to me following through and getting it done. It's something about writing down your goals and seeing them be revealed before your eyes. It's like you are shaking up the atmosphere and calling towards you what is for you. 

It is important to understand what you want in life takes sacrifice and working towards them with consistency. This prepares you not only to accomplish each one but to make bigger goals that you can achieve. The stable foundation that has given me the strength, hope, and resilience to keep going is GOD! Without the love, mercy, and grace that has been given to me, I would be lost in the abyss with call life. Take that leap and write it down and watch those blessings poor in.

With all that was written today - Dig Deeper than you ever have before!

Until next time!





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I enjoyed reading your blog. I also agree with writing down your goals in a short to long term form. I myself will try that. Thanks for sharing.

Patricia Munson

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