Pandemic Fatigue

This pandemic has changed my life in many ways from my personal life, business and relationships with others. With all of the news broadcasts that I watched and the restriction of outdoor activities, I started to feel tired more than often. There were times when I would have all the energy to fill my days and other times I felt tired and sluggish and uninterested in my day. Towards the middle of the pandemic, these symptoms were starting to increase so I researched a little more to find out what it could be. After researching I found this term called "Pandemic Fatigue". Now, is this a real thing or another made-up illness was what I was thinking...



What exactly is pandemic fatigue? It is said to be a feeling of restlessness that people could experience after months of changes brought on by COVID-19. This usually leads to a person going back to the way they did things or interacted with others before COVID hit the scene and therefore forgoing safety guidelines. Each person may react to it or the impact may be different depending on the person. Sudden changes such as extreme mood changes, a little more irritability than normal, or having energy that ranges to high or low may be an indication of pandemic fatigue.



This can sometimes affect you mentally with the feeling of anxiety or uncertainty taking over. Also, physical manifestations can take place such as loss of sleep and appetite. When you have these symptoms of feeling restless and experiencing “Pandemic Fatigue" there are some things that you can do to cope such as:

-   stay connected with family and friends with video calls

-   limit news intake and stress

-  try to set aside 30 minutes to an hour doing something that makes you happy and excited to do

-  positive self-talk

If these symptoms worsen you may want to seek a licensed professional help about what you are going through and so you can get out your feelings so they are not bottled up.

For more information about Pandemic Fatigue you can visit: 

What is Pandemic Fatigue? How is it affecting you?

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