My Natural Hair Journey


My natural hair journey started as a little girl with the real 4C hair texture. I knew my hair was different and that I couldn't get it wet because it was hot combed and would shrink. I went through many phases of hairstyles from original natural, hot combed, Jheri Curl (yes they were dripping-lol), Big Chop (in 7th grade-wasn't even ready), permed and eventually now back to natural.


In high school, I kept a permed head of hair that I usually did myself (box perm) and my hair was not healthy at all from the hot irons, the scalp burns and unhealthy ends of my hair. I survived high school at the end with having a short (Halle Berry style) cut that did me well then because my face was much thinner -lol.



Through college, I rocked perms, high ponytails and braided hairstyles. Sometimes the braids were so tight that my entire head ached and my edges felt like they were stitched on. I was able to manage my hair in college because at that time I had figured out how to perm my hair without getting third-degree burns and only had braids installed when I wanted to switch up my hairstyle.


When I decided to go natural again in 2009. I did not do the Big Chop instead I let my perm grow out. During the transition period, I decided to go to a beauty shop to get my hair flat ironed - a big mistake. This person not only burned my hair but my hair pattern was forever changed all over my head. My bathroom had so many natural hair products in it trying to figure out what worked for my hair best (still learning). This process taught me that this journey of trying to figure out what to do with my 4C hair was going to be a learning experience every step of the way.


The picture above is one that I took in 2015 when I decided to cut my hair in a short natural hairstyle. This was the first time that I had tried something new in a while. I was so used to wearing my staple Afro Bun and twist outs that this was a welcomed change. I liked this style because it made me look cute and I felt so confident going out into the world rocking this style.

Through all my hairstyles I can say that I have grown to love my hair and its ups and downs. I am now in the phase where I am embracing my Wisdom Highlights and finding ways to switch it up without coloring my hair with dyes, braiding my hair (allergic to synthetic hair and human hair) or cutting all my hair completely off and starting fresh. I am now confident and fully understand that this is my journey and excited about it!

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