Let me reintroduce myself...

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself to those who have recently connected with me on this page.
My name is CachiaCherise, I am a child of GOD, committed wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, mentor that has been blessed to be gifted with being a Transparency Lifestyle Blogger and Speaker.
My journey of Transparency did not just start recently this has been ongoing throughout my life. There have been many people in the past that have perceived me visually as one thing based on how I carried myself (well-spoken, educated and reserved) but once I spoke to them they realized that I am a person that has many layers with a down to earth aura and love that expands the boundaries that they put me in. I have been hurt, overlooked, dismissed, damaged, minimized and almost destroyed BUT one thing that I refuse to do is give up!!! I am being strategic in being who GOD has created me to be despite what I have been through.
My background in education, health, and business has given me the ability to use what I have learned in each of these industries to now apply them to my own business. I am committed to not only myself becoming free by being Transparent in my life but helping you to also become free by being transparent in your life with the end result being that you have not only cleared your space of negativity, hurt, pain and insecurities from your past but that you are able to be lighter in the space that you are in.
Let me know in the comments what brought you to my website page! I can’t wait to read your responses.
With all this being said "Dig Deeper than you ever have before"
Yours Truly,
Thank you for your comments!
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