Homeschooling After all

This has been a long year so far for everyone in my household. Trying to balance work (from home), kids and a household has been a bit overwhelming but my husband and I were able to pull it off.

The school year at the beginning of 2019 seemed to be filled with a year of excitement as my kids began their curriculum at school. They were all set to see their friends, teachers, and new classrooms. Everything was all good until  2020 hit and everything changed, not only for the kids but for me & my husband as well. See, I had already been considering homeschooling my kids the following school year but I still had an option either to send them back to school or not.


After analyzing the situation I feel differently, things have changed so drastically with the stress of Covid -19 and the social injustice uprising for our people; I now  feel that I do not have a choice but to homeschool until further notice. With that being said, I am gearing up for homeschooling this year in my household which means sleeping in until 8 am, focused learning that varies from 3-4 hours per day and exploration of history and the world they know. I have always wanted to teach my kids the essentials that are needed to survive in this world and now I have the chance to do just that.

As I blog this week on the type of homeschooling, resources and planning out the school year please comment with any suggestions that you may have to help me through this journey called homeschooling.

With all this being said "Dig Deeper than you have ever had"


Truly Yours,


Thank you for your comments!

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