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Esther J. Belony is an author, speaker and parent coach that specializes in connecting parents, teenagers and families together. Esther has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with over 16 years of professional experience in the mental health field; including 5 years of working with children and teenagers.
Parents is this you👇🏾
▪️Do you feel as though you lost your influence in your teen’s life?
▪️Are you battling with your teen not trusting you or including you in their decision-making process?
▪️Has your teen made it clear that they do not desire to get or stay connected with you, their parent?
▪️Has your teen’s actions caused great concern to you, to the point where you are afraid of their future?
▪️Has your teen verbalized or shown you that they intend to be destructive or stay destructive in any way?
If you identify with any of these statements she has resources that can help you.
She also has a Facebook Group as well to support parents. I’m in it🙋🏽‍♀️
So let’s support her by:
📍Buying her book
📍Investing in course
📍Scheduling a free consultation
📍Download her free guide.
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