Jalisa Lucas - Book: “X Ray Vision: Seeing the Unseen”

I am unapologetically a daughter of the King of Kings given the assignment of entrepreneurship.

I am privileged to own a domestic limited liability company called, Purpose Pursuing Pioneer Academy, LLC where I offer various Services; I teach, Minister, Coach, do Public Speaking events regarding internal self growth, personal development and vocal points of internal success that ultimately yield external results. 

I am unapologetically me & boldly strive daily in greater pursuit of excellence in Christ than the day before.

Book Summary:

 “X Ray Vision: Seeing the Unseen” 

Is a powerful and extremely transparent journey I take my  readers on through an intimate supernatural unveiling of HOW God has exchanged my plan with His purpose and Identity simultaneously given me the charge to have, supernatural X-Ray Vision and Seeing the Unseen.


Contact Information:

Email: Info.purposepursuingpioneer@gmail.com

Social Media Handles

IG - @Jalisamlucas

TikTok - @jalisa.lucas 

FaceBook- Jalisa Lucas 

Threads- jalisamlucas@threads.net

All business inquiries and full details of services contact me via email-


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