Celestial Holmes - Book: Looking for Hope

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Celestial Holmes, known by the pseudonym Mbinguni, is a renowned author and multifaceted professional. With a background in computer programming and 15 years of experience as an Instructional Designer, Celestial has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of writing.

In addition to her writing career, Celestial Holmes serves as the Direct Response Copywriter, leveraging her skills to craft compelling narratives. She is also a freelance writer and celebrity interviewer for BlackGirlNerds.com, where she shares her unique perspectives on diverse topics. Furthermore, Celestial is widely recognized as a co-host on the immensely popular "Watch Dem Thrones" podcast, affiliated with the esteemed platform Black with No Chaser.

Title: Looking for Hope

Book Summary:

"Grief has a way of cementing our feet to the ground wherever we're standing when it hits us. It takes hard work to get unstuck from that place, but we have to be willing to dig in." - Mouse


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