Jason Slaughter - Book: "The Marriage Manuel”

Jason & Lavina Slaughter are the founders of Loves Locket LLP, a company created to help singles prepare for marriage and help those who are married, strengthen their bond of marriage through godly principles, and practical applications.

Jason & Lavina were over a Marriage Matters Small Group at their church they currently attend for 7 years before passing the mantle to the next generation. Jason currently serves at Life Changers Church in Fairfield Ohio on the prayer team, and praise and worship team. He and his wife have been married for 13 years. They have between them 2 boys, 1 girl, and 5 grandchildren.

Jason is the author of “What Men Desire and Women Need to Know” and “What Men Desire and Women Need to Know Part 2 -The Curve”. Jason has also written, “The Marriage Manuel”, “ME” a book that speaks to the 4 personalities of man fighting for dominion over one body, “When We Were Perfect”, and a poetry book entitled “My Flow” which speaks of Love, Pain, and Reflection.

Jason has traveled around the United States doing seminars on the 4 Areas we are tested in regarding our marriages and relationships and has done many book signings over the years. Jason contributes much of his ability to write, and do what he does, to his wife Lavina. He says, she not only inspires and prays for him, but much of the examples he is able to write about are based on how their marriage is at home. She helped him to look at their marriage as one ministering to the other. 

Jason is also a Gut Health Consultant and along with his wife they have helped hundreds of people reach and maintain their health goals.

Summary Of Book: “The Marriage Manuel 

This Manuel is written to provide insight and guidance for those who wish to get married and those who are already married. In the US, a divorce happens every 36 seconds. That’s nearly 2400 per day and 876,000 per year. 

These kinds of statistics are shocking, but God promises us a strong, healthy, godly, Kingdom marriages if we are willing to work for it. 

If you only plan for the wedding and not the marriage, your wedding will be a success while your marriage struggles to survive.  Let’s investigate the Marriage Manuel together and receive all that God has for us.  


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