Ashley Nicole - Book: Resilience: The Strength of a Woman


Ashley Nicole is a Speaker, Philanthropist, Cleric, CEO and Founder of both Proud of You Girl Ministries, LLC and Mind Over Matter Youth Empowerment. She has created through both organizations, the capability to provide diverse groups of women with the wisdom, clarity, resources, and preparedness, quintessential for their life's excellence. Ashley is the Best Selling author of her book Resilience: The Strength of a Woman. She specializes in empowering women, to live out their God-intended purpose, through a focus centered around character development, self- realization, confidence, and the cultivation of both social and life skill sets; all geared toward giving women the inspiration to fully embrace their reality, and to initiate and maintain positive perspectives. In accommodation to her incredible ethic as a servant leader, Ashley has displayed a sincere respect for higher education. She is a licensed and ordained minister and holds a Bachelor of Science from UAB, an MBA from Strayer University, and a master's in education with a concentration in Instructional Leadership. Honored greatly for her philanthropic efforts, Ashley has been awarded as an Emerging African American Leader within the Community in the southeast region and is often highlighted for the many charitable events and drives curated through her organizations. Title: Resilence: The Strength of a Woman Book Summary: This book is not just a book but rather a tool to assist women all over the world with overcoming life's adversities. It is a guide that explores the many trials that women face throughout life and how to overcome them. This read provides an opportunity for one to self-reflect and dig deep into the root of why we make the choices that we make. It offers the reader an opportunity to implement changed behavior by renewing her mindset and speaking life into her circumstances. These affirmations are designed to activate the best version of the woman that you are becoming.



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